New Zealand Littleneck Clams (Austrovenus Stichbury)

New Zealand Littleneck Clams have been exported to a dozen countries for over twenty five years. These carefully managed wild livestock are harvested by hand raking in the clear unpolluted waters of the Pacific Ocean on the Otago coast.


The clams are harvested to order and will remain fresh for 12 days chilled at 2 degrees to 4 degrees centigrade and are available all year round subject to weather.

Size range:

16-75 clams per kilo

Flesh to shell ratio by weight

28% flesh, 72% shell

Product Form

Live chilled in shell
Frozen Meat
Frozen Juice


Count per size:

Pasta 50 – 75/kg (23 – 40/lb)
Small 40-55/kg (18-25/lb)
Small medium 35-45/kg (18-20/lb)
Medium 30-40/kg (15-18/lb)
Large Medium 25-30/kg (11-15/lb)
Large up to25/kg (up to 11/lb)


Live Chilled Clams

Kept in a well-drained container, clams will remain fresh 12 days from harvest if kept chilled in a high humidity container at 2-4 degrees centigrade (36-39 degrees fahrenheit). They should not be held in fresh water or in contact with ice.

Frozen Meat and Juice
Shelf life 2 years from pack date
Store at minus 18 degrees centigrade (minus 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit)


Each 100grams of edible raw flesh contains 46 calories, 30mg cholesterol, 7.6g protein, 5mg iron, 0.9g fat, 716mg sodium, 0.1g Omega 3, and 51mg calcium.


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