Fresh Chilled Fish

Southern Rainbow exports many different species of fin fish caught in New Zealand coastal waters off the South Island. Catching methods include long lining, potting, netting and trawling.


All species are available all year round, subject to weather.


  • Groper (Polyprion oxygeneiosGroper
    (Polyprion oxygeneios)
  • Monkfish (Kathetostoma giganteum)Monkfish
    (Kathetostoma giganteum)
  • Blue Cod (Parapercis colias)Blue Cod
    (Parapercis colias)
  • New Zealand Sole (Peltorhamphus novaezealandiae)New Zealand Sole
    (Peltorhamphus novaezealandiae)
  • Lemonsole (Pelotretis flavilatus)Lemon Sole
    (Pelotretis flavilatus)
  • Sand Flounder (Rhombosolea plebia)Sand Flounder
    (Rhombosolea plebia)
  • Ling (Genypterus blacodes)Ling
    (Genypterus blacodes)
  • Red Cod (Pseudophycis bachus)Red Cod
    (Pseudophycis bachus)
  • Gurnard (Chelidonichthys kumu)Gurnard
    (Chelidonichthys kumu)

Product Form

Fresh fish: Whole, Iki Jime, Head off gut out, Gilled and gutted, Fillets.
Frozen fish: head off gut out, Gilled and gutted, Fillets.

Packaging options

Packed weights: 10kg, 15kg, 18kg and 20kg.


Fresh fish is best stored at -1.0 to+1.0 degrees centigrade (30.2 - 33.8 degrees Fahrenheit). If ice is used to keep the fish cold, it should be changed regularly as it melts.
Frozen fish is best stored at minus 18 degrees centigrade (minus 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit).


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