Queen Scallops (Zygochlamys Delicatula)

Queen Scallops are dredged from the brilliantly clear, unpolluted waters of our Pacific Ocean and are immediately frozen to retain the qualities of the fresh product. They are available all year round.


Frozen scallops are at their best when consumed within three months. They do not require thawing before cooking.

Size range:

36-40 per kilo (16-18 per lb)
Shell size: 5mm-70mm

Flesh to shell ratio by weight

40% total flesh
30% digestive sack and mantle off

Product Form

Frozen whole (shell on)

Packing Options

Whole shell
Bulk pack 12kg (22lb)
Retail packs 12 12x1kg (22lbs)


Shell on 36-40 per kg (16-18 per lb)


Keep frozen at minus 18 degrees centigrade (-0.4 degrees Fahrenheit).


Each 100grams of edible raw flesh contains 83 calories, 33mg cholesterol, 16.2mg protein, 1.5mg iron, 1.3g fat, 210mg sodium, 0.5g Omega 3, and 43mg calcium.


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